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Management of Immature Apices
in Chicago

Teeth can become infected before the roots are fully formed. We specialize in treating these cases with a variety of procedures, which include apexogenesis, apexification, and revascularization.

An injured immature tooth may need either apexogenesis or apexification to improve the chances of saving the tooth. Apexogenesis is a procedure that encourages the root to continue development as the pulp is healed. Medication will be placed on the soft tissue to encourage the development. The walls of the root canal will thicken as the child gets older. If the pulp heals, no additional treatment will be necessary. If the pulp is unhealthy, apexification is recommended. The unhealthy pulp is removed, and medication is placed into the root to help a hard tissue form near the root tip, which then provides a barrier for the root canal filling. The tooth will not continue to develop, making the tooth susceptible to fracture.

If your child's tooth becomes infected before the roots are fully formed, call our office. We'll determine the appropriate treatment