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Fractured Tooth Management
in Chicago

Cracked teeth occur in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are the result of trauma or abnormal occlusion, cracks and fractures can be superficial, or they can extend deeper and lead to more complex problems. If your pain is suspected to be caused by a fracture, our endodontic team can help identify the nature of the problem. If your tooth is determined to be cracked, our team will guide you towards the best treatment recommendations for your condition.

How is a cracked tooth treated?

Treatment for cracked teeth depends largely on the type and severity of the crack. Your doctor will closely examine your tooth under high magnification and utilize high-tech imaging hardware to quickly get you on the road to recovery. Often, root canal therapy is the best treatment for a cracked tooth and can help save the natural tooth before the issue becomes more complex. Extraction is recommended for severely damaged teeth.